Cheryl 6 in 1 Copper


Cheryl piece for £59.99 (RRP £99.99)

Cheryl piece for €69.00 (RRP €115)

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You will find inside the box a full head of clip ins styled with gorgeous Wonder Waves & another full set in a Silky Smooth style.

Silky Straight:                                     Wonder Waves:
1 x Long Piece 22inches (120g)          1 x Long Piece 22inches (120g)
1 x Short Piece 16inches (80g)            1 x Short Piece 16inches (80g)
2 x Long Side Pieces                            2 x Long Side Pieces
2 x Short Side Pieces                           2 x Short Side Pieces

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Cheryl 6 in 1 Copper

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